Residential Project, Greater Boston Area

The challenge for a residential facility.

Faced with the threat of COVID-19, this property management company wanted to take steps to protect their residents. While each individual unit was limited to its residents, many common areas raised the risk of exposure to the virus. They wanted to handle disinfections properly without putting their cleaning staff at risk. That’s when they contacted Alpine to come in with the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) to carry out the disinfecting.


One of Alpine’s field technicians disinfecting a common area table.

How Alpine shaped the solution.

Alpine deployed multiple crews to clean and disinfect all common areas of these residential properties quickly and efficiently. Crews were outfitted with Tyvek suits, respirators, and gloves utilized EPA-approved disinfecting solutions to spray and wipe down high touch areas such as railings, doorknobs, and tables. By thoroughly disinfecting, Alpine was able to minimize the potential spread of the virus and provide residents some peace of mind.

Property Management Company

project type
COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting

Greater Boston Area, MA