Residential Project, Bedford, MA

The challenge for a residential project in Bedford, MA.

This home, built in the 1930s, is a picture-perfect example of New England architecture and landscaping with a floor plan laid out to maximize views of the gardens and outside sitting areas. When the homeowners sought to enhance these views through new windows free of lead paint, they called on Alpine.

The project included the installation of 23 new wood windows with aluminum clad exteriors and insulated Low-E glass. This allowed for the elimination of the unsightly and inefficient storm windows. In addition, the lead-painted trim surrounding these windows and other woodwork throughout the house was replaced or stripped, preserving the architecture character of the interior.


removing trim with lead

Lead painted wood work is carefully removed and replaced.

removing lead at exterior garage doors

The work area is kept clean by HEPA vacuuming.

How Alpine shaped the solution.

A major part of the project also consisted of stripping or replacing the lead-painted wood trim associated with these windows, doors and cabinets. The result was an energy-efficient, lead-safe home with the views beautifully enhanced both inside and out.

Residential Project

project type
Lead Paint Abatement and Window Replacement

Bedford, MA