Porcellian Club

The challenge for the Porcellian Club.

1324 Massachusetts Avenue in Harvard Square is home to a unique group called the Porcellian Club. This mysterious club was founded in the late 1700’s at Harvard University and is still active today. The building itself – called the Porcellium – was in need of repainting. However, after over a century of paint build-up, significant paint preparation was called for. This included stripping much of the ornate trim to bare wood. Many of the windows contained asbestos glazing which had deteriorated and needed to be safely removed and replaced. Due to the street-level store being open at this time, Alpine had to coordinate the exterior work with the store management. The location of the project in busy Harvard Square was an added challenge.

Window at 1324 Mass Ave.

How Alpine shaped the solution.

In order to safely perform this work while maintaining public access to the stores and sidewalks, we created a strictly regulated work area and continually monitored our containments. We performed the work that affected the retail spaces during off-hours so there was no impact on their operations. The end product was a fresh exterior with beautifully-restored historic details.

Abbot Building Restoration, Boston MA

project type
Asbestos Abatement, Lead Paint Abatement, and Period Restoration

Boston, MA