Milton Academy Faculty Housing

  • Most of the woodwork in this 1920s Dutch Colonial was covered in lead paint.

The challenge for Milton Academy Faculty Housing.

This faculty residence is a ten room, three level Dutch Colonial with classic details. But since it was built in the 1920s, much of the interior and exterior woodwork contained high amounts of lead paint. In order to attain a Letter of Compliance so that children under 6 years old could reside there, Alpine created a scope of work involving selective stripping and replacement of the woodwork, replacing some of the windows and restoring the architecturally unique windows.

Milton Academy interior vertical window

As part of the deleading process, Alpine stripped, reglazed and restored the arch lite window.

Milton Academy exterior door damage

How Alpine shaped the solution.

The replacement sash selected were high quality wood with exterior aluminum cladding with Low-E insulated glass. The windows that needed to be built were created to maintain the original features of the house and the insulated glass allowed for the aluminum storms to be removed, further enhancing the appearance of the windows.

Work on a campus is frequently set with a rigorous schedule because of the complexities of class schedules and faculty moves and this project was no different. Alpine was the only contractor with the requisite experience and staffing to do this work in compliance with the established time table.

Milton Academy

project type
Lead Paint Abatement

Milton, MA