Lesley Ellis School

  • Many lead painted surfaces in the school had begun to peel and chip, causing a hazard to its young students.

The challenge for the Lesley Ellis School.

The schedule for the lead abatement project at the Lesley Ellis School, a private school from Pre-K through 8th grade, was ambitious. Due to the school’s schedule, a normally five week interior project couldn’t begin until three weeks before school started.

Chipping lead paint most likely caused by moisture and water damage.

Alpine’s crews are at work behind the containment enclosure.

How Alpine shaped the solution.

Alpine assigned a double crew to the project in order to compress the schedule and as a result the interior lead abatement was completed in time for the first day of school. The exterior work of scraping loose paint and glazing putty from the upper windows and lintels and repainting the affected areas when done, was completed in a second phase. In order to reach the upper windows, Alpine delicately maneuvered a 60 foot boom lift around the empty playgrounds and school yard.

The logistics of working at a partially occupied school with a large job and a tight schedule were challenging to say the least, but Alpine was able to complete the job with no down time for the school.

Lesley Ellis School

project type
Lead Paint Abatement

Arlington, MA