Wellesley College

  • An Alpine crew member meticulously strips away 200 years of lead paint.

The challenge for a historic home at Wellesley College

While working with a general contractor on a complete renovation, Wellesley College wanted to remove the lead paint down to bare wood in a sprawling antique colonial that had room after room of decorative wall panels, wainscoting and mantels. The key was to find the right deleading contractor who could strip the woodwork using lead-safe work practices to prevent contaminating the house or the workers, perform a high quality job that would preserve the home’s fine details, and not impact the general contractor’s overall project schedule.


It takes patience, perseverance, and skill to produce Alpine quality results.

The fireplace and chimney were sealed to prevent contamination.

How Alpine shaped the solution.

Alpine’s crew labored for over 1,500 hours to bring the 1780’s woodwork back to its original state. The project was completed on schedule; Alpine passed the final inspections including lead dust wipe tests to verify that the house had been cleaned to exacting standards and it was safe for occupancy. The general contractor’s team was able to continue with their project in a lead-safe environment, with no delay in the schedule.

Wellesley College

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Lead Paint Abatement

Wellesley, MA