On behalf of the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Hollis, I wanted to send a letter of appreciation for the quality of work your firm provided on our exterior renovation of our historic Town Hall building on Monument Square in Hollis Town Center.

Your attention to detail in the restoration of the historic windows was flawless, and we would recommend your firm to others engaged in the sensitive restoration of historic buildings.

On behalf of a grateful community, thank you.”
Mark A. LeDoux — Chairman, Board of Selectmen, Town of Hollis, NH

Hollis Town Hall

  • The exterior of Hollis, NH town hall. The building had deteriorated with lead paint peeling extensively.

The challenge for Hollis Town Hall.

The trick was to make the 130 year old town hall look like new – as in 1886 new. Along with replacing the siding of this town hall, the original 1886 stained glass windows needed to be fully restored. Alpine was contracted to remove all the window sashes, strip them to bare wood off site, strip the openings to make way for repainting, and to reinstall the windows in their original configuration.

The biggest challenge was presented by the windows’ stained glass. Over the years, much of it had been replaced with mismatched colors, clear plate glass, or Plexiglas. To further complicate things, the sashes had been relocated to random openings decades ago. The original pattern designed by the building’s architect was almost impossible to discern.

The window sashes were carefully stripped and restored. Broken glass was replaced with meticulously matched historical glass, damaged sashes were repaired with specially formulated epoxy.

How Alpine shaped the solution.

Alpine was able to solve the puzzle and not only put the right windows back into the correct openings, but replace the missing and mismatched glass with reproduction glass that matched the original pattern. The windows were rehung on new copper chains with reproduction brass weather stripping. The result? A town hall with original windows that operate like they are brand new but look like they did 130 years ago.

DL King Co., Nashua, NH

project type
Lead Paint Abatement and Period Restoration

Hollis, NH