Boston University Children’s Center

The challenge for the Children’s Center.

This project embodies what we like to do best. Restore and revitalize an historic structure into a thriving modern space while embracing its past. The Children’s Center, owned and operated by Boston University, has been active since 1978 and in 2020 moved to this beautiful 1904 Tudor Revival mansion in Brookline, MA. However, the building required a top-to-bottom restoration and was in a fairly advanced state of disrepair. The many intricate architectural details and historical windows required lead paint abatement and restoration. The Brookline Historic Commission’s requirements as well as the complexity of multiple onsite trades working concurrently were two key factors Alpine had to consider. The design was a balance of old and new so we worked with the studioMLA Architects and Kaplan Construction to blend the historic windows with modern interior finishes.

How Alpine shaped the solution.

Alpine’s first step was to create a scope of work that met both Boston University’s and the Brookline Historic Commission’s expectations. We held a comprehensive work plan meeting to ensure the project conformed to Brookline Historic Commission’s guidelines. Additionally, the Alpine team worked closely with onsite Project Management to integrate our need for work area restrictions while other trades worked concurrently. These steps resulted in the project proceeding safely with no impact on the overall schedule. The project resulted in a remarkable blend of old and new, a wonderful space for the children to thrive in a healthy environment.

Kaplan Construction, Brookline MA

project type
Period Restoration and Lead Paint Abatement

Brookline, MA