17 Beach St.

The challenge for 17 Beach St.

Boston’s historic Chinatown is one of the largest in the United States, and Beach Street is in the heart of it. This vacant building had previously been a mixed-use space, but was in need of significant renovations. In this case, the exterior of the building contained both lead paint and asbestos so JWG Building Restoration brought Alpine in to handle the abatement. The most important thing that we do as an abatement contractor is to contain our work areas while we remove hazardous materials like lead paint and asbestos. This containment prevents the contaminants from escaping to outside areas, keeping residents, passersby and the outdoor environment safe. This task is made much more challenging when the work takes place on the outside of a high-rise building, particularly one located in Boston’s bustling Chinatown neighborhood.

How Alpine shaped the solution.

To solve the issue of exterior containment on a high-rise in such tight and busy quarters, we utilized swing-staging. Swing-staging along with mini-containments is the most cost-effective and safe method for situations like this. The Alpine team maintained highly regulated work area and monitored containments along with keeping a walkway under our swing staging to allow for safe passage. We also brought in hoses from an interior water supply and used onsite generators for adequate power. Now this revitalized building can be an active part of Boston’s historic Chinatown.

JWG Building Restoration, Acton MA

project type
Asbestos Abatement and Lead Paint Abatement

Boston, MA