We encounter mold every day, but what do we really know about it?

To get you started, here are 6 mold facts:

  1. Mold is often dismissed as a harmless annoyance. But mold can actually be a serious health problem. It can cause respiratory issues, sore throat, eye irritation, persistent cough, headache, and other illnesses – and you don’t even have to have come into direct contact to be affected.
  2. Mold loves moisture and dark spaces. However, significant water damage is not necessary for mold growth. Sometimes the slightest bit of dampness can cause mold growth to explode under the right circumstances.
  3. Mold is one of the only organisms that survives without sunlight. No chlorophyll is needed and it instead feeds on other plants and organic matter to survive. Unfortunately, this means that it usually grows in dark places hidden from sight.
  4. When mold isn’t causing trouble in a home or other structure, it can actually be quite useful. It plays a big part in nature’s recycling system by eating dead organic matter and speeding up the decomposing process, returning nutrients back into the soil faster.
  5. If left unnoticed or untreated, mold growth can start within 48 hours of mold spores being exposed to moisture and oxygen. Because of its quick growth response, it is easy for a little moisture to suddenly cause a big problem.
  6. Of course mold is technically visible, but it’s often hidden behind walls, up in attics, or down in basements. Sometimes a little detective work is necessary to find the source of the mold (a leaky faucet, poorly-insulated attic, etc.)

If these mold facts sparked any questions or concerns about your property, contact us today!

mold facts