Lead Paint Abatement

Lead Paint Abatement FAQ

What is the history of lead?

For thousands of years, lead has been used extensively in countless applications. Its low melting point, malleability, and corrosion resistance made it a favorite for early civilizations. The Romans lined their aqueducts and plumbing systems with it. Lead was in their cooking utensils, cosmetics and pottery. Lead has been put into paint since its use by the ancient Greeks. In the US, lead was commonly added to most types of paint until it was finally banned in 1978.

What can cause lead contamination?

One of the most common sources of lead is the dust created during repair, renovations or painting projects in older structures. Lead paint exists in virtually every building constructed prior to 1978 so it can pose a problem in a suburban Cape Cod as easily as a recently renovated urban apartment or condominium.

How are children poisoned by lead?

Inhaling or ingesting lead dust and lead paint is the most common way children are poisoned. Lead dust can come from repairs made to lead painted areas, and even from normal wear and tear to lead painted surfaces like opening and closing windows. Lead dust settles on window sills, walls and floors, and then onto children’s hands and toys where it is carried to their mouths. In some cases, a child will chew or suck on lead painted surfaces due to its sweet taste.

Where should I start if I suspect lead might be present?

Of all the decisions you will need to make if lead is found to be present, the most critical one is your selection of a lead abatement contractor. Reviewing references or online reviews will help you determine whether they are experienced and qualified to handle your type of project – for both safety and quality. In addition, as a further protection, make sure a contractor can provide you with a valid insurance certificate indicating proper workers compensation and specific “environmental pollution” liability coverage for Lead Paint.

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