History is fascinating.

And we’re not just talking ancient history. Here at Alpine, we like to think that every period hahistoric restorations its own flavor of “historical.” But in renovation terms, historic restoration often evokes visions of expensive Victorians or Revolutionary War-era Colonials. So we decided to call it “period restoration” instead. The reality is that many homes actually require unique hardware, windows, or other features to maintain their period charm. But unfortunately, many homeowners who fall into this in-between category think of historic restoration as something that doesn’t apply to them.

The reality is that more houses count as period than not. The last thing you want to do is buy a vintage house because you fell in love with the charm, then accidentally diminish that by throwing up some vinyl windows. Or purchase an old home to flip and realize those modern fixtures you bought totally clash with the existing design. These little details have a huge impact on the value of a property. If it involves a sale, this can mean less interest and less ROI.

From the 18th century Colonel Barrett House to a quaint cottage built in the 1950’s, we cater to every home’s distinctive pershistoric restorationonality. When undertaking any renovation project (whether it involves lead, mold, or just plain construction), it’s vital to maintain or improve the value of the property. Using materials and hardware that “fit” the era of the house is key. Many off-the-shelf trim or hardware options diminish the value of the home. If cost is on your mind, have no fear – there are still reasonably-priced options that are high quality and historically accurate.

A combination of environmental skill, craftsmanship, and a love of architecture is important. For us, it meant that a homeowner wouldn’t have to lose the cherished details in their 1930’s Cape during renovation. And a different time, it reassured preservationists, working to restore a 1805 Rockport church, that the ravages of time could be undone safely and effectively.