The National Lead and Healthy Housing Conference, sponsored in part by the Lead and Environmental Hazards Association (“LEHA”), was held in Orlando Florida from April 20 – 23. Ron Peik is President of LEHA and attended the conference along with Alpine’s Theresa Clasby who handles the administrative work for LEHA. The conference was held in conjunction with the HUD Grant Managers Training Program, so turnout was quite large with over 450 attendees. Ron delivered the welcoming remarks at the start of the conference, and also presented at the panel discussion of the EPA’s RRP Rule.

LEHA held its annual Board Meeting during the conference. This year, we were pleased to bring in representatives of the National Center for Healthy Housing and the National Association of Lead and Healthy Homes Grantees Association. We made great strides in establishing closer working relationships in order to increase our impact on issues that are vital to our industry and our mission.

  • Ron Peik, as the President of LEHA (Lead and Environmental Hazards Association), delivers the welcoming remarks at the National Lead and Healthy Housing conference in Orlando, FL. The conference was sponsored in part by LEHA.